Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Violent cretin gets £33,000 per week for being an arsehole

Bowyer and Dyer

"Bowyer, though, has been fined a club record six weeks' wages - estimated at £200,000 - and given a final written warning by Shepherd, while Dyer has escaped any punishment as he is deemed the innocent party."

That moronic fucker gets £33k per week for playing ponced-up games, while I'm up to my eyes in credit card debt, which I can never clear, just to pay the taxman, when I can't even afford to maintain my house, and look after my family, struggling for a living as a self-employed day labourer. These people and their equivalents in charge of ruining the media and every other worthwhile thing in the country represent the rats tail of degenerate Thatcherite dregs, squirming their way to the oblivion they deserve.


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