Thursday, April 28, 2005

Cabinet of fools

Revealed: What Lord Goldsmith told Lord Sedgefield

"In a legal opinion Mr Blair has repeatedly refused to publish and never seen by the cabinet, Lord Goldsmith, the attorney general, spelled out the dangers of going to war, including the prospect of Britain losing a case in an international court."

The release of this is just a bit of obfuscation, because the general public won't understand it, but it reveals how the cabinet has been taken for mugs by Number 10. The betrayal that people will understand is in the 2001 manifesto: "We will not introduce 'top-up' fees and have legislated to prevent them."

They also know that the council tax has turned out as bad as the poll tax, and the government hasn't cared enough to do anything about it. Having watched undercover film reports on television they will know that targets met according to the Labour jobsworth bureaucracy are just so much delusion. We saw last night on Channel 4's "Chaos in Schools" how schools with violent and anarchic chaos are described by Ofsted as having good standards of behaviour. We know that thousands of people who go into hospital every year for help are being killed by MRSA. We are living through a "Great Leap Forward" that is as hollow as Mao's was.

But they are trying to pretend that the only issues are fine issues of law debated by the Privy divers Hutton, Goldsmith and Butler. Imagine another five years of this crap, and then in 2010 Brown takes over and leads Labour to defeat. Is that what we're about to see?

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