Wednesday, May 25, 2005

New painting by Francis Bacon discovered

Willesden Herald Exclusive

by Noël Knowall

This outstanding work by the late Francis Bacon was discovered at the bottom of a river in Wales, after an alert Willesden Herald reader spotted it in one of our pictures (see below). Edmondo Woodward, Willesden Herald editor*, after personally recovering the picture from the stream, sent eagle-eyed Jack Lynch, 61, of Mapesbury an unopened naggin of Jameson's in gratitude. Following careful restoration, the picture is to be offered for sale by Christie New Minstrel gallery in Cardiff, where it is expected to fetch in the region of two million pounds.

*Erratum: I am not the Editor, only the Proprietor. Apologies to Feargal Mooney. (Ed)**

**Feargal replies: Sorry to wash dirty laundry in public, but don't you see how confusing it is to the public when you sign your comments "Ed"! Our agreement was that you would sign them "Red". (Ed.)***

***Well pardon me for existing. (Ed)

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