Sunday, May 15, 2005

His Lordship, the minister for graft

Blair crony minister's tax dodge

"Three separate trusts in the name of Drayson, his wife and father-in-law, included almost half of the £90m-plus the family raked in from the sale of the controversial drug firm Powderject.
Three yeas ago, Scotland on Sunday revealed that the peer made a £50,000 donation to the Labour Party two months after Powderject won a £17m NHS vaccines contract at a price four times that of the previous deal. His close relationship with the New Labour establishment provoked further uproar when the company won a £32m deal to provide enough smallpox vaccinations to protect the UK population against a germ-warfare attack."

You voted for this, you arses. Tug your forelock to His Lordship, the unelected minister for ripoffs and graft.

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