Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Millions who marched, march again on Thursday

One last battle

Between one and two million of you marched for over 6 hours on a freezing cold day to try and prevent the war, but those in government only listened to their masters in Washington. Vote however you have to in your constituency to excise this traitorous cabal from parliament.

In Sedgefield support Reg Keys, seeking justice for his son, killed in the unwanted and illegal war. Don't bother voting for the third party if you are in a Labour constituency, vote for the second party. Otherwise you will let these bloodstained traitors in by the back door. The only way to get the Liberal Democrats a share of power is by voting for Conservative candidates where they can defeat individual Labour MP's. Tories, vote for your Liberal candidate if he or she is in second place to a Labour MP!

Everyone who wants justice for the people of this country will have to use his or her brain to ensure that on Thursday night we may witness the downfall of the odious imposters and liars who are trying to hold power over us for another five years. Keep walking, don't stop, don't fall to your knees now - the goal is almost attained. Bring home the 8,000. Make yourself heard. Win for the marchers, win for the anti-war people, smash the craven puppets.

Good people abed next week in England will think themselves accursed that they were'nt here on this Thursday, if they don't get up off their palliasses and vote!

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