Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Heads you lose, tails they win

No matter whether the Tories or New Labour win, you get a conservative government. Blair is a conservative and he's implementing Tory policies, so there is no additional danger in voting Tory that isn't already a danger in voting Labour. The only way to stop Labour from continuing to be Conservative wolves in Labour sheeps' clothing is by voting to excise Blair's invasive cancer from the party. Fear of Tory-ism is the very thing that allows you to vote tactically for either Howard or Kennedy in order to get rid of Blair. If you vote for a New Labour candidate out of fear of the Tories, it's just a stupid vote for the secret New Labour Tories who are laughing all the way to the Treasury. Make sure that whatever else happens Blair is seen to be rejected and has to resign. The best (not the worst) that can happen is that New Labour will be administered a dose of Liberal emetic and have to spew out the poisonous entryist usurpers of the Labour tradition who are killing the party. And remember, every one less Labour MP strengthens the Liberal Democrats, no matter that there is one extra open Tory, and one less hypocrypto Tory. That will be the Herald's new slogan, "Hypocrypto Tory Nono."

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