Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Anti-Galloway documents forged - proof

'How they forged case against Galloway' - Socialist Worker

Look closely at the entry, which is reproduced above.

  • The typeface (font) used for "Mr George Galloway" is different to the rest of the line. Indeed the only time this font is used in the entire document is where George Galloway's name appears.
  • 'Mr George Galloway' does not line up with the rest of the words in the entry. It is at an angle to the other words.
  • The spacings between "Mr George Galloway" and the rest of the words are inconsistent.
  • The dash after the words "Mr George Galloway" touches the following word.
  • The words "Mr George Galloway" are at a different type density (lighter) than the rest of the line."

    (via Lenin's Tomb)
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