Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Galloway is vindicated

After his appearance in front of the US Senate committee today, there can be no further doubt that George Galloway has been the victim of a smear campaign. It was clear that in spite of his crass sycophancy on one occasion, he has been on the right side of the political and humanitarian issues all along. He stood against the murderous cupidity of the British and American governments as they devastated Iraq and Iraqis. Whether he smokes big cigars or has a jaunty, brash, even arrogant style is really irrelevant - he's not asking for your daughter's hand in marriage. There is no doubt that an organised campaign of lies, misrepresentation and forgeries, has been conducted against him - and the only remaining question is by whom? But there is no mystery at all about the answer, it's obvious who the culprits are, and the pile of toxic garbage they were trying to sell blew up in their faces today.

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