Saturday, March 20, 2004

They want to "cut and run"


That is a so-called Daily Mirror "Exclusive." Pish! Remember where you heard it first:- right here (February 29th 2004) and here (November 28th 2003) in your super soaraway Willy.

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Lovely advert on the top of that page at the Mirror. Very apt.

"Buying or selling a used car?"

The last para of the story may be close to the truth. They'll have to see how many gold stars Butler gives Blair for Integrity too.

Record low turnout, anyone?

Post by : Mal Castro ( / )


I think the anti-war vote will come out in full force and pollsters are likely to miss this commitment factore before the elections, as they did in Spain. The pro-war vote, such as it is, is likely to be more apathetic. I wonder if Droopy would go into coalition with Dracula.

Post by : Ed. ( / )


In my lovesick state I seem to have missed a lot of news lately. I wasn't aware we were colliding with a general election that soon. I'm not sure what happened on the 24th either, although a lot of people were going round saying things to me like: 'In light of Mr Blair's announcements today.' I have a vague recollection of something about Gadafi. Actually the political fog I inhabit has happened since I decided not to wake up to the today programme and eschew it instead for Classics FM. Mind you I am now getting heartily fed up with bloody Simon Bates less than dulcet tones. I may just tune back into the blood guts and war of Radio 4.

Post by : Ava Fit ( / )