Saturday, March 27, 2004

Police raid in Harlesden with virtual strip searches

Giant X-ray machine used in drugs search - BBC

"Equipment was brought in on articulated lorries on Friday night, and suspects had the choice of being strip-searched or scanned. The machine shows a "graphic" image of the suspect minus their clothes. [...] The £120,000, 500kg X-ray device was part of a 160-metre convoy of vehicles which took over the high street. The operation began at 2140 GMT as officers raided the Elm Tree and the Palm Shade pubs, where there were about 200 people."

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Free the weed, take the gangsters and police wholesalers of weed out of the equation. These people are taking over straight society with the profits from their adulterated product. If I was a landlord of a pub I'd demand that all alcohol drinkers smoke a spliff to level them out. Alcohol is the great inciter of violence and stupidity, weed is the great inciter of chocolate biscuit and yogurt eating.

That x-ray machin ewould be put to better use at Heathrow.

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I want to know what the visuals look like - could I use them as reference material for a new series of portraits? The National Portrait Gallery may like to have an exhibition of them.
What ho.

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