Thursday, March 25, 2004

Willesden Observatory beats Hubble to planet discovery

Your super soaraway Willy continues to bring you the news before it even happens. Another remarkable example occurred this month, when we announced the discovery of a new planet on Saturday the 6th. NASA didn't discover it till 9 days later. Even then they got the name wrong. Willesden Observatory confirmed that the correct name for the planet is Edna, not Sedna as NASA stated.

Fern Ripley

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I hope you've emailed NASA to tell them about this. Stupid boffins, who do they think they are, American's or something?

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Many congratulations. To think that whereas we grew up with the names of Cape Canaveral, Los Alamos, Houston Control, Porton Down etc defining our scientific world the children of today will grow up with Willesden, Herald House, Sidmouth Road Institute For Star Research in their lifespan narrative.

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