Monday, March 15, 2004

Hah! Interesting. The New Yorker is not putting Martin Amis's story online - it must be too strong for them. Instead they have put up next week's story by Alice Monro this week. The issue of the 15th of March will not leave a trace online, it seems. This is Alice Monro's new story, by the way: Passion.

I thought I might type an extract from Amis's story, In the Palace of the End, but it's too difficult. The whole thing is horrific, and I don't think I can just take one piece out of context. It's about a group of doubles (a la Saddam's) and their duties, which involve them in torture and video-taped rape. They also suffer in parallel whatever injuries their master suffers. It's satirical beyond the point of black comedy.


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