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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Priceless - Madam thinks Belle de Jour is disgusting

Cynthia Payne on Belle de Jour*

"I think this is filth, and I certainly don't want to be associated with it. I was never involved in anything like this. In my day, we did it the proper way - £25 without extras, food and drink, and a choice of ladies. We knocked off £5 for old age pensioners and we charged men half-price if they were past it, and just fancied watching."

Louise Bunuel

*I think Belle has given the game away -if you'll pardon the expression- Pros don't kiss. She must be an amateur, or a hairy-handed gent. Ed

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Comments 2003-2004 said...


"You can't get any sense out of a man until you've despunked him."

Cynthia Payne

There, in a nutshell, the world is explained.

Post by : Amanda Saxonheart - W.H Media Editor (webcacheh08b.cache.pol.co.uk / )


Cynthia is right on all counts. There has to be some propriety. Besides Belle has been 'outed' hasn't she? She's some media kid that's never been a call girl in her life.
I used to know Cynthia's secretary. In fact on my old computer I have her memoires because her computer packed up and I kindly transposed them onto disc.

Post by : Peaches (82-35-25-155.cable.ubr04.hari.blueyonder.co.uk / )


She's been outed a few times but each successive candidate has denied it. I'm surprised he/she has got a book deal on the strength of the blog. It's a bit dull. Not porn or lit. I suppose the book deal rests on he/she not being outed as someone other than a call-girl.

Post by : mal castro (webcacheh07a.cache.pol.co.uk / )


I read somewhere that Belle's agent has had to set up special bank accounts to avoid inadvertently outing her. The agent is going to land a big book deal, I think. There's probably a bidding war going on. It all rather hangs by a thread. I notice that she has her archives listed on there now, they weren't always (unless I've mis-remembered.) Strange move.

Post by : Ed (host81-128-196-174.in-addr.btopenworld.com / )


for mal castro - if it's not porn or lit, is it journalism perhaps? Journalism has garnered publishing contracts many times.

Post by : the baroness (1cust46.tnt4.ottawa.on.da.uu.net / )


Madam Baroness D'Ottawa,

no, neither is it journalism. Probably right place at the right time and spotted by someone with the right chequebook who saw that a few bucks might be made from it. I suppose that is all it needs to be but reading it one would like it to be more. Either more literary (not in a poncy way, just referencing the culture more), or dirtier, or yes, worthwhile journalism. Having said that though the writer (and I) would be happy with pound notes.

Post by : mal castro (webcacheh10a.cache.pol.co.uk / )


I think the fun of it is in the masquerade, and that in this day and age we can still have a "scandal" about a "woman of ill-repute." There's something marvellously old-fashioned about it, a feeling of antique bawdiness. The blog provides a place where crowds can come to hear public confessions from behind veils or screens, about things that are happening from night to night. The blog may be a new folk art.

Post by : Le Bete (host81-128-196-174.in-addr.btopenworld.com / )


Yes, fair point. Good luck to him/her in any case. They dun good.

Post by : mal castro (webcacheh01a.cache.pol.co.uk / )