Friday, March 05, 2004

War - they did it - now they want us to forget it

We don't say "forget about it and move on" in the case of just one murder, or even one death through corporate negligence, say.

I see that, in his speech today, Blair is trying to prepare the way for revelation of legal advice to the government that the invasion of Iraq was potentially illegal, by saying that the law is wrong. He wants to move on, oh yes, he wants to move on now. Not so fast, Mr Blair, you'll move on soon enough. "All political careers end in failure."

Any stalking horses out there?

Feargal Mooney

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also he was possibly trying out a story in case he steps off a plane in Belgium or elsewhere twenty years hence and finds a magistrate has ordered his arrest for initiating the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqis in defiance of the UN Security Council.

Treaty of Westphalia blah blah blah

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He says "we can't take the risk" of not attacking rotten regimes, pre-emptively, but the bigger risk is that people like him and the Texas dunce will continue failing to provide good leadership in the direction of peace, not war.

Post by : a seven year old who has worked this out ( / )


Yes, if you don't drop your guns we'll shoot you. Mmm..shome mishtake shurely........

And him now the world's number two gunrunner. And armed to the teeth himself. And his buddy Bush researching new nuclear weapons and gibbering about the militarization of space.

Am I allowed to say wankers?

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it's a no-whinny situation

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