Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Al Qaeda declares for Bush 2004

I call on my supporters to do everything in their power to encourage the re-election of George W. Bush as President of the United States of America in the coming November election. This man has done more to promote our cause than all of our martyrs put together. It would be a disaster for our ambitions if a sympathetic figure such as John Kerry, with his vast experience, expertise in foreign relations, shrewd judgment and efficiency is elected to office. What we seek is all-out war, by agreement with the White House, whose aim is the same under the current president. Vote Bush!

O. B. L. (address withheld by request)

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I must say there was a beautiful stamp on that letter which I have removed for my nipper. I have no idea who Mr OBL might be but thanks for the stamp, and that postmark was lovely and clear - Tora Bora Post Office and General Stores - you can learn a lot from stamps.

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Stranger and stranger, I have also received a letter from a chap called Abu Musab Zarkawi. He seems to have addressed it wrongly. Presumanbly s.omeone called Abdul has received the one meant for me. Not to worry. His letter doesn't make any sense. It just says "I did it... I really wanted you to know even though you've already guessed".

You should see the stamp though. Lovely. A butterfly.

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