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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Who does the goverment listen to?

We know they don't listen to the general public, except under the control-freak conditions of their great non-conversation. We know Alistair "this will fuck Gilligan" Campbell was one. We know Peter "repeat offender" Mandelson is one. But wait till you get a load of who David Blunkett is listening to, this apologist for racism.

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Comments 2003-2004 said...


What was the title of his book......
"There Ain't No Black in the Union Jack" ?

Much better to discriminate against liars and fraudsters, especially in public office.

Post by : Arthur Berries (webcacheh03a.cache.pol.co.uk / )


"good business sense" - that's the stuff of a solid labour government. so reassuring that they understand the needs of the employer.

Post by : Coup de Vent (82-69-7-44.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk / notmyreal@email.com )