Saturday, June 26, 2004

George Bush snapped in scanties in Irish Castle

Herald Exclusive - the picture they tried to ban

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Bush filmed in underwear:
"When the US president arranged a visit to Ireland in an election year he wanted to make sure the folks back home could see him - but not dressed in a vest. "

For your edification, in spite of warnings from the little-known Irish President (who has to show her ID to her own sentrymen to get into the state residence) we bring you this picture of Bush cavorting in underwear, at Dromoland Castle last night.

Mary Whitehouse

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Comments 2003-2004 said...


Here we go again

Team! I hope this picture is authentic. It looks a bit ropey to me. We don't want the PCC all over us like a rabid anteater again.

Post by : Ed. ( / )


We chequed the picture

The news team stands by "authenticity" of the picture, in that it portrays something that really happened.

Post by : Feargal ( / )