Saturday, June 05, 2004

Up she rises*

*That was the other day. I saw it again today (Sunday), and I wish I'd had a cameraman with me. The arch is really amazing already, it's getting higher. It will be the biggest arch of its kind in the world, they say. It is not just for show, it will support by suspension a lot of the structure of the stadium, allowing a view uninterrupted by pillars. It is angled so as not to cast a shadow on the pitch. The inside of it has a train track, for its own maintenance train, and it is big enough to drive a tube train through.


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Mrs Abanjo will be interested to know that the cranes and arch are visible on the skyline from Brent Cross tube station. The vista looks like the road from Jaffa to Jerusalem in the time of Pontius Pilate, when crosses bearing prophets and vagabonds and thieves and terrorists marked the entire route. Mr Berries says it looks more like the boating lake at Regents Park where the herons stand guard at the waters edge until they swoop down to spear a fish. Our son, Red, says he can't wait for it to be finished. Having to go down to that Millennium Stadium in Cardiff for all the big games is just much too risky (sic.)

Angharad Berries

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Praise be to Him who is The Most High!!

"And an arch will reach, yea, all the way to heaven and under the arch, yea, all shall sing Abide with Me"
The apocrypha of Ezra Allawi

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