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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Stand well clear

Must be nearly there now (?)

Wembley Watch

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Comments 2003-2004 said...


So that's what it is. We saw it yesterday from SW14, and wondered what the hell was going on. First hypothesis of a new, more exciting London Eye foundered, and we moved on to talk of mass hallucination.

Post by : bhikku (mailgate.sutton-publishing.co.uk / bhikku@bhikku.net )


Well... I do like the setting, at least from the photographer's position. Nice view down the esplanade or concourse or whatever it may be....the sort of lead-in that should have been maintained around St. Paul's.

Post by : Baroness C (1cust45.tnt4.ottawa.on.da.uu.net / )