Wednesday, June 23, 2004

What goes around, comes around

Iran state TV shows British troops being marched blindfold

"TEHRAN : Iranian state television showed new images of eight British troops, this time being marched blindfold on the banks of the Shatt al-Arab waterway where they were detained on Monday."

Israelis hood and plasticuff hundreds at a time in Palestine, the Americans and Brits hood and cuff and abuse suspects in Iraq, and now it should come as no surprise to see British captives being given similar treatment.

This is what happens when the fantasy of Forrest Gump turns into the nightmare of Chucky the demon doll. A stacked Supreme Court appoints Forrest Gump's evil twin. A British quisling prostrates himself in Texas, down on El Rancho Grande. Thousands are exploded, massacred, rounded-up, tortured, shot, burned, mutilated, sexually abused, the works - the "Go Large" option. Pictures of booted troops kicking in flimsy doors where people leave their shoes outside, shivering detainees dehumanised with sacks over their heads, pushed and shoved and worse, screaming women and children...

...and now. Hey! They put blindfolds on our soldiers! Axis of Evil! Axis of Evil!

Let's get rid of these stupid leaders. At least Michael Howard is intelligent. Gordon Brown is intelligent. Enough with these two dolts, Bush and Blair. Are we going to follow them like lemmings into a ravine? Stop this century now, and start over.


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