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Monday, February 16, 2004

Send us letters

We're keen to hear from the Liberal Democrats (we love triers.) Not fussed about hearing from the other charlatans, the pretend Labour party, and the pretend Tory party. Why should the Willesden Herald not support the Liberals? Oh, and can we drop that stupid Democrat addition (the gang of four? give us a break.) Liberals, that's what we want, proper Liberals. Never mind what Feargal and Mikey say, this is Ed here. [Note: he is not the editor. Ed.] I am a Liberal.

Ed Woodward

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Comments 2003-2004 said...


Liberals hai bindoh-a?

Post by : Wip Ying (webcacheh09b.cache.pol.co.uk / )


uhm ji do

Post by : Kendo Nanking (host81-128-19-145.in-addr.btopenworld.com / )


Fidee, fidee, lib-ar-ul-yan, nay dee hai bindoh? !!

ngor dee yiu teng nay dee gong-ye.

Post by : Soong Li (Mrs) (webcacheh10a.cache.pol.co.uk / )



Koeidee hai been-a?


Post by : Sun Yat Sen (webcacheh02a.cache.pol.co.uk / )


ha ha
you're Cantonese has got us stumped
we have a choice of Xiamen or Mandarin here

Post by : New Orchid (host81-128-19-145.in-addr.btopenworld.com / )


Ah, ngordee ming-baak. Hey, ngor-ge paang-yau...liberal-yan, koeidee gong Putong-hua!!!

Post by : Wu Wei Xia (webcacheh09b.cache.pol.co.uk / )


Waah!!! Ngor-ge tau!!!


Koeidee gong Putong-hua???

Post by : Gwangdong-yan (webcacheh09b.cache.pol.co.uk / )


Eiyah! Charles Kennedy gong Putong-hua!!!!!

Post by : Gwok-yu hok-saang (webcacheh09b.cache.pol.co.uk / )


OK, mo mantaih.

OK, no problem.

Mr Sun
Wu Shin Wo Brasserie
Cricklewood Boulevard
(Friday and Saturday Open Late)

Post by : Mr Sun (webcacheh09b.cache.pol.co.uk / )