Monday, February 23, 2004

Great news for hoggets and ewes

Farming Roundup

Yesterday (c) Onion Mbeki

Today (c) Onion Mbeki

These were the scenes earlier this evening as Willesden farmers rushed to celebrate a red sky at night, following the disappointing silver ones earlier this week.

Reporter: Feargal Mooney

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Good for tups too, I'll be bound. Lovely pictures, Onion, but have you seen the moon tonight? You must. It is very unusual. It is a toenail moon and appears to be lit from an impossible angle and looks as if it has a disk suspended in front of it. If at first you don't see the effect walk twenty or so yards in one direction or another and look again. To do so is to flirt with the wondrous but it is worth the walk.

Post by : Thabo Beobachter ( / )


I went looking for the moon that you described, and no moon could I find at all. I was wondering if I should report it to somebody, does anybody have Sir Patrick Moore's email address? I have noticed it behaving very oddly, sometimes swollen to the size of one of those big globe lampshades or more, and other times like a dinky car headlight shining through the clouds. Peace in the Buddha.

Myrtle Cloris
Perfect Buddha Temple
(formerly Capael Cymraeg)

Post by : Myrtle ( / )


Maybe it will reappear tonight. I shall look after I have done my chanting.

(I have noticed too that it is sometimes not there and that other times it is bigger or smaller. I wonder what does that. It does add to the excitement though.)

Post by : Thabo Beobachter ( / )


very nice pics

Post by : be ( / )


Thank you.

Post by : Onion ( / )