Monday, February 02, 2004


You can't win, can you?

I mean what do I do now? Y'know. If I don't have another inquiry then people will turn the next General Election into Court of Appeal on Hutton's whitewash, encouraged by this rag. If I do setup a new inquiry then it will be seen as either another whitewash or a condemnation. This is boring.

T. Bliar

Checkmate. Ed.

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Comments 2003-2004 said...


Oh, what a tangled web we weave,
when first we practice to deceive.

Post by : Walter Scott ( / )


Blunkett can save Gangmeister Blair by arresting those who are not likely to vote New Labour (Old Tory).

Under Blinkett's new proposals those who show antipathy towards the government must logically be enemies of the state since they are planning, intending, hoping, conspiring to deal the government a death blow, ergo they can be detained and convicted of planning, intending, hoping, conspiring to bring the government down.

Since Blunkett also intends to reduce the burden of proof to zero, nada, zilch he can also reasonably intern your kids on the balance of probability of them having been indoctrinated by you into being an enemy of the state. Many will also be detained, sectioned, stitched up, under the Mental Health Act since it is obvious to Blunkett that Blairism is the best of all possible worlds and ergo any denial of that must indicate a serious psychiatric problem in the denier.

Blunkett is barking mad. woof woof.

Post by : mal castro ( / )


Oh dear. I voted Ratepayers against the Rates last time. where do I stand?

Post by : Mrs Berries ( / )


Kiss your arse goodbye baby. You have just admitted your enmity of The Project, the Post Modern State, the New Colonialism, the Theft of Resources Owned by Others, etc etc.

Post by : Mal Castro ( / )