Saturday, May 20, 2006

Beau geste


I've caught out half of the staff here moonlighting for another periodical but, just to show I'm not bitter, I'm giving you a link to their little secret website. It hasn't even been updated since 2004, so it must have gone bang.

Red Woodward


Samson Cockle said...

Why do US publishers do that? Why do they change the names of novels from something rather lovely, such as McGahern's That They May Face The Rising Sun to By The Lake.

bluebird till I die said...

Changing book names is nothing, pal. These are people who call our beautiful game of football 'soccer'. And not content with that the cheeky so-and-so's tried to force a rule change to stop games ending in a draw.

Anonymous said...

hmm. we've been laz

Ossian said...

About the renaming...McGahern's last book "Memoir" was renamed for the US as "All Will Be Well - a memoir".

Ossian said...

Image: the cover of Memoir

Ossian said...

Extract: Johnny

Introduction by Ian Jack and short essay by McGahern (thought to be his last work):

God and Me