Friday, May 12, 2006

Luck strikes twice

Not only are we in line for a huge compensation payout, but according to this offer received at Herald House today, we may be on the verge of finding out which of our local infants needs to be sacrificed to ward off the evil eye.


Carshalton Beeches (Dr) said...

Is the professor Welsh by any chance?

Even when your problems is hopeless seems to resonate with Troerchy-ness

Ee-van wen yewer problams is orplass

Dr Carshalton Beeches (Inst of Speech Therapy, Troedyrhiw.)

Dai Puw said...

Treorchy if you don't mind.

Ossian said...

I have been having some problems with my carrier, maybe this is the answer. The spring on it is so powerful that when I take the lock out from under it to park the bike, if I'm not careful it can catch my fingers. It's deadly.

Prof. Helmut Kronk (Science Correspondent) said...

This guy is very good. He has inspired many of my greatest discoveries.

J. Brown Stilwether said...

I do wish he had someone edit his wonderful missive. His first sentence for instance is missing two commas

One dose, not live , without problems.*

And before the pedants from Parsing, who insist on verbs in every sentence, flood your mailbag ,let me say that instructions as above need no verbs.

I can't agree with Dr Beeches about Treorchy-ness. The implied speech rhythm in the text is from another valley, the Rhymney. My colleagues and I are in some dispute though whether the implied speech rhythms in the text are those native to Caerphilly or Bargoed.

J. Brown Stilwether
Emeritus Professor
Dept of Implied Speech Rhythms,
University of Chelmsford

* the i in live is long as in live yogurt.

cf Anstruther's Long I's pp56-198