Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bluebells in peril

The native English bluebell is an endangered species because the Spanish variety is muscling in and, as you know, Spain is in the EU so there's nothing we can do about it. Herald gardener Ganache does his bit for conservation by allowing the grounds to grow wild, and every year we have bluebells under the trees. As to whether they are Spanish or English, Ganache's policy is "Don't ask, don't tell." (More about bluebell woods)


tim fotheringay said...

I was excited to see that the Herald has appointed a gardener as poet and a poet as gardener. Mr Nash's sensitivity is evident from his poem below and from the fine floral display at Herald House. I very much enjoyed this article

and as soon as I heard that Ogden (if I may be so bold) had been appointed I excitedly dug out (hahahaha, pun intended I'm afraid) my copy of the anthology edited by Sarah Maguire, Flora Poetica
( hoping to see Mr Nash included there. Alas no, but I shall certainly be writing to Miss Maguire to plant (oops!!) the notion the he should be included in the next edition.

Yours in verse
Timothy Fotheringay


Ogden Gnash said...

It's Gnash. I don't wish to be confused with that frivolous poet with a similar sounding name. Thank you.

Rainer Maria Bilko (poet) said...

I know exactly how you feel.

the campaign for unique number tags said...

This problem very nicely illustrates the necessity for instituting a system of numbering for people, instead of names.


Tony Curtis (poet, Wales) Chairman

Tony Curtis (poet, Ireland) Secretary

Tony Curtis (actor, USA) Patron

Ogden Gnash said...

I had the privilege of buying a drink for the Irish T.C. and would gladly buy him drinks all night long, for the pleasure of hearing him speak his poems from memory. It was at the West Cork literary festival a couple of years ago, and when someone asked him if he wanted a drink he said no, "I'm with Ogden."