Saturday, May 13, 2006

Local resident poet appointed local poet in residence

In a memo issued after last night's final edition, Ed Woodward announces the appointment of Willesden resident poet SJ Moran as Willesden poet in residence. The Herald wishes to acknowledge the support of Jobcentre Plus in sponsoring this placement.


Feargal Mooney (Editor) said...

We're not quite sure what Ed had in mind, but we hope he's pleased with our interpretation. He hasn't shown up today so who knows? His memo wasn't very clear, suggesting that we could force Ogden into signing up by using something he'd heard of called a "poet lariat". He also used the expression hog-tied. We're not sure how long this bender will last so we've gone ahead and got Mr Nash for minimum wage, paid by Jobcentre Plus.

Ogden Gnash said...

That's Gnash. Grr.

Hedley Lamarr (US Marshal) said...

I know how you feel.