Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Short stories: update*

Pretend Genius Press is to publish "Secure" by Mikey Delgado, one of the joint winners of this year's Willesden Herald short story prize, in an anthology entitled "Fish Drink Like Us". Mikey's poetry is also featured in the companion volume entitled "Last Night's Dream Corrected".

Outstanding newcomers are included alongside established and award-winning poets such as Bill Berkson, Joanne Kyger, Michael Rothenberg and the one and only Ira Cohen, who also contributes a prose piece. Each poet has a separate section and the physical and visual pleasures of the book are intended to complement the poetry on the pages.

The fiction collection is characterised by highly developed characterisation, uncompromising directness, engagement, and diversity from the surreal and unconventional to the earthy and hilarious. It contains a wealth of showcase pieces by new and established writers, Timothy Gager, Kenji Siratori, Sean Brijbasi, Amy Muldoon, J. Tyler Blue, Andy Henion, Jeremy BeBeau and many more.

The anthologies have their own rather cool web pages. The covers were created by the great artist Stratos. Both books are edited by Feargal Mooney.

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robert "mufti" moffatt said...

That's a very good looking site. Where will the books be available from?

Anonymous said...

the books will be available through the publisher, through on-line booksellers (e.g. amazon,, and through independent bookstores throughout the universe.*

*this message brought to you by pretend genius [press], defenders of the free word.