Monday, March 27, 2006

Death to all apostates


Afghans protest at Christian's death sentence delay

"Mr Rahman stands accused of apostasy, or abandonment of faith - an offence punishable by hanging" (Guardian)

No less a fate should befall the pigdogs who worship at the cylindrical RM1 brothelshed in Walm Lane. RM is the only true faith, as exemplified by Lord Rotor's only living representative Jeremy and his Holy Uncle, peace be upon them and their Highgate ashram. In the name of the Rotor, the Grassbox and the Holy Roller.

Rev. Mechanic I. Draper (WRMC)


Lord Donor said...

I'm not one to stick my oar in with all the knockers, but this is really disappointing. I thought the Americans would at least bring some efficiency to the government of Afghanistan, but this delay is most regrettable. At least the Taliban got the executions running on time.

Mrs Hazteah said...

Hanging is too good for them. They should be burned alive.

Garçon Jessop said...

If they'd do that to a Christian think what they'd do to a Flymo-ite.

Hail Rotor, Grassbox and Roller!

The Lord is 3.

Garçon Jessop