Saturday, March 04, 2006

Golden Laundromat casinos*

Coming soon to your region. Money for all our friends - by magic! Payoffs? No problem, a night out at the Golden Laundromat casino and a big win guaranteed. Priceless. Hot money from obscure sources, no problem! Let's say I have £100,000 of dirty money, I axe my friend to spend it for me in my casino, he blows £90,000 in my casino he keeps £10,000 and he has a good time. Now I have £90,000 in clean money. Later when Mr Tax Minister wants to know what happened to the money, I misfortunately paid it all out to our friends from abroad who frequent the casino. Everybody wins! Golden Laundromat casinos, where the dirty money goes round and round and comes out spotless.

*A New Labour project


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