Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Clerical murder*


Iran executes 2 gay teenagers

The Iranian clerics should be dumped in the rubbish bin of history, to stew for eternity in shame, infamy and contempt. They are maniacs, destroying this world to satisfy their own bloodlust and bigotry. All those despicable old ratbags should be run out of town.

The same disgusting oafs who try to subjugate men, want to enslave women and treat them as chattels, like "precious jewels" - like property. They've even brainwashed them to forget their right to freedom. No man should be under the heel of any superstitious, irrational tyranny. And no person, woman or man, should be the property of any other. That such unregenerate, blind old fools should enslave and subjugate their people is beyond endurance.

To hell with them, strike for freedom! Down with them! Fight you women, fight you men who yearn for freedom, smash the clerical regime to smithereens! Let it be a hateful memory to fade quickly in the light of a new, humane, non-religious, free and fair society. To hell with all religion and clerics, may they vanish from the earth.

E. L. Voynich

*Will this breach the proposed new law against Incitement to Religious Hatred? Ed


Cheryl said...

We, in western cultures, think we have evolved, become more civilised as the centuries have passed. This may or may not be true. I heard a comment recently that Muslims still espouse a seventh century value system, perpetuated by cultural, economic and religious functions. If they believe the seventh century ideal is valid, and view western values as flawed, then there is no ground for change.
But - what do I know? Glimpses of information about a woman's actual day to day life in Iraq can be found online at The Guardian, Books, Extracts, "Riverbend, Girl Blog from Irag".

Ossian said...

Iraq was the most secular of the Arab states, and there is now a real concern that the new constitution will establish less rights for women than before. For example, that a woman's testimony in court might be worth half of a man's and other garbage of the same ilk.

I understand that many women still manage to have good lives under the conditions in Iran and possibly even in Saudi Arabia. They may make the best of a bad lot, but if they are contented to live as slaves and chattels, I think that is pathetic. A beaten dog may appear to love its master, but what sort of life does it have?