Thursday, July 14, 2005

2 minutes silence at Edgware Road

I was driving today near Edgware Road underground and got caught in the two-minute silence. Well I suppose that's an ungenerous way of looking at it, let me say rather I took part in the two-minute silence. All the traffic stopped for more like 10 minutes from 5 to 12 till 5 or 10 past 12 p.m. Workers came out of offices. Chefs with tall chef hats were among the staff from the Metropole on the corner opposite. People got out of their cars to look. The car radio announced it was on 2 minutes silence after the chimes of Big Ben. I couldn't see anything, but people ahead of me were looking across the road towards the station, so I assume there was some sort of ceremony. I saw more on TV when I got home. Staff from St Mary's Hospital came and stood in front of the main entrance, nurses, doctors. These were people who had treated the wounded. The Greek bus driver whose bus was blown up, gave an eloquent and marvellous speech. This man walked for 6 miles covered in blood in shock after the blast, but today he could have been a famous author or politician. We have great people driving buses and in all walks of life, you know, we just don't hear them often.


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