Monday, July 18, 2005

A very welcome radio programme

Late Story - Short stories in the small hours

Currently reading from "Field Studies" by Rachel Seiffert, including the beautiful, yes and haunting as they nearly always say, award winning story, "The Crossing". I wish I could write like Rachel Seiffert. Her story reminded me a little of something by Platonov. It's marvellous, though I was a disappointed to hear at the end that it had been "abridged by" somebody. That explains why it flew by so quickly. Ironic, considering the story is about crossing a river near a bombed out bridge.

I heard some high up on Radio 4 say they would include some new short stories as well as classics, and that they would be open to submissions though she also referred to the BBC Writers Room for further guidance. I hope that's not just another BBC "show willing" exercise / distraction.


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