Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Look out Fleet Street, we're moving in

At last we'll be able to take on the Thunderer, gobsmack the Guardian, outshine the Sun... How? Thanks to typical Euro incompetence. A mix-up in the Spanish lottery ("El Gordo") has resulted in a windfall for yours truly and a number of other lucky people whose names and addresses got mangled in some Brussels banana-straightening computer. All I have to do now is send my bank account details and signature by return to Madrid, on the fund transfer form provided* to claim the sum of 596,879.94 euros. And all thanks to Mr Antonio Pratt of Allan Security Company S.A. whose eagle eye spotted this marvellous Euro cock-up and kindly took the trouble to notify the beneficiaries by post. Give that man a medal.

Red Woodward

*One tiny thing, Mr Pratt, you might like to check the spelling on that form. I don't think "Paided by" sounds right. Feargal?


Cricklewood Chris said...

When you send your bank account details, perhaps you could send a cheque for a small sum as an extra thank you. He seems really to be looking after your interests. It's to be expected that a European might have trouble spelling "paid" correctly. I spell "Je suis completement fou" really really badly, after all. I look forward to the affluent rise of the Willesden Herald to take over from upstarts like the Times. Everybody knows that North West London is just another name for the Real Central London.

Anonymous said...

Good idea.

This is a great boost to the fighting fund to ward off the hostile takeover bid from The Brent Bugle. Muzzy Pirbhai can take a running jump at himself now.

Red Ed