Monday, July 04, 2005

Mosquito blows up car

Deep Impact smashes all expectations

"[...] the Hubble Space Telescope [...] took three images, presented [in] an animation here. It shows the inner cloud of dust and gas surrounding the comet's nucleus increasing by 200 kilometres (about 120 miles) in size." (New Scientist)

Some mosquito that turned out to be. It only requires a small effort to affect the course of an object significantly at a great distance. Maybe they hit it with a nuclear weapon, secretly, to test possible defences against asteroids?

Well, I suppose you think they went to the moon - haven't you seen that excellent documentary, Capricorn One?

By the way, I've just remembered I pushed the QE2 a half metre from its dock just for fun one day, with the tip of my little finger.*

Prof. Kronk

*Note: Are you sure you didn't imagine that after being hit on the head by that guanabana / soursop / guyabano? Ed.

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