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Wednesday, October 08, 2003


To whom it may concern

I am writing to you in the hope that you will publish this letter, as I am trying to get in contact with long lost relatives. As far as I know, my Uncle emigrated from Ireland to UK in the early 1950's. His name was William Ennis and he was married to Maureen (Hunt.) They had 5 children, Maureen, Sheila, Brenda, John and Pauline, and last known address was Willesden, London. If any of your readers have any information I would be truly grateful. I can be contacted at pas@iolfree.ie. Thank you so much.

Pamela Ridgeway

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I'd love to be able to say I know that man, but I can't. Needle in a haystack I fear. The telephone directory would be a good place to start, but depending on how old he was when he emigrated he could be dead and buried by now. What about looking for records at the family records centre. (What used to be St. Catherines- formerly Somerset House) It's now in Islington. You can order online too. Some of those kids could still be around. You should look for their marriages at the records offfice. (Or have the records office do a search for you.)

Post by : Angela (82-35-29-66.cable.ubr04.hari.blueyonder.co.uk / )


You can search BT directory online at www.bt.com
These were in the directory for Willesden
Ennis C, 31, Hunter Ho, London
Ennis G, 7, Templeton Ct, London
Ennis M, 8, St. Andrews Rd, London
Ennis P, 1/159, Willesden La, London
Ennis T, 177, Bramley Clo, E17

Considering there was only one boy and the girls marry and change their names you're going to have a struggle. Hope some of this helps.

Post by : Angela (82-35-29-66.cable.ubr04.hari.blueyonder.co.uk / )