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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Singapore: "For Sale - The Library at Willesden Green"

Willesden's loss is Singapore's gain.

The site surrounded by hoardings this week,
including the council's recent £3,000 worth of graffiti.

Well, well, well. If this isn't a new low. The library centre is being demolished, a council offices cum "cultural centre" (w.t.f.t.i.) with their lordships traipsing through and parking their lardy arses on the top floor, with their deadening glassy eyes overseeing everything in their tiny empire, is to replace it. Oh and the small matter of luxury flats now advertised in Singapore, while the library centre's corpse is not yet cold and while Brent Council is holding officious, plausible sounding meetings about the "lack of affordable housing". CUI BONO?

And remember Brent Labour council have closed six other libraries in the past year, including the one donated by All Souls Cambridge and opened by Mark Twain in 1900, and that one is being turned into flats as well, so keep an eye out if you're in Hong Kong, Dubai or Singapore for that when it comes up.

Here is the advert:

Here is what they are offering, which was formerly owned by the people of Brent, now expropriated.


Willesden Green is one of North London’s liveliest and most cosmopolitan areas, whose excellent Zone 2 Jubilee Line connections really set it apart. 

The Library takes a prominent position on Willesden High Road, and sets new standards in contemporary accommodation for the area. This exciting scheme comprises four buildings, offering ninety-five highly specified 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, many with balconies or terraces. The development is gated and has underground parking for residents: always a bonus in London. 

• Prominent position on Brondesbury Road and Willesden High Road
• Next door to the forthcoming Cultural Centre
• Within 3-minutes ride to Zone 2 London tube station or 5-minute walk
• Within walking distance to Queens Park
• Willesden High Street is thronged with shops, supermarkets (Sainsbury’s Supermarket is a few minutes’ walk from The Library), cafes and restaurants and is a few minutes’ walk from Brondesbury Park
• Excellent transport links – Zone 2 Jubilee Line with direct connections to key interchanges including Baker Street, Waterloo, London Bridge and Canary Wharf
• No key worker/affordable housing
• High quality fixtures, fittings and finishes 
• Fully fitted kitchen by Symphony with integrated appliances and granite worktops 
• Estimated Selling Price: From £350k (SGD 6xxk)

Milne Place (Block A)
1 Bedroom: 545 sqft – 626 sqft
2 Bedroom: 759 sqft – 1005 sqft

Lewis Court (Block B) 
1 Bedroom: 546 sqft – 554 sqft
2 Bedroom: 614 sqft – 862 sqft

Developer: Linden Homes and Green Urban 
Address: 95 Willesden High Road, London, NW10 (Zone 2 on Jubilee Line)
Tenure: 999-years
Estd Completion: Summer / Winter 2014; 4Q 2014
Site Area: 83,958.50 sqft


View More Project @"

* Our emphasis in bold.

"For Sale - The Library"... "a few minutes walk from The Library": No mention of "Cultural Centre" then, oh no, it's Galliford Try that have stolen the good name, and Galliford Try that is trading on the good name of "The Library", which belonged to the people of Brent. Brent Labour have sold us out. Ed Miliband, are you reading this?

Perhaps even more sickening than the moneygrabbing, wanton vandalism and philistinism of it all is the fact that one of the key features, the unique selling points (oh yes) of the new flats is this:

They add that it's a "gated development". There was supposed to be a public space at the back of the new development, a fig leaf to compensate for the playgrounds, car park/event venue removed, by the way, so how will that fit with a "gated development"?

They refer to their flats as "The Library" and use what are presumably operating company names or cronies of Galliford Try, Linden Homes and "Urban Green". Oh that sounds nice doesn't it, Urban Green. That is exactly what you want if you live in Singapore.

People of Singapore: get your holiday home in London, and when you're not here, let it out. Be a landlord here! You know what, maybe you could even visit your investment occasionally. The locals can't even afford to live here anymore, what a laugh! Their local council is tidying the neighbourhood for you by demolishing local pubs, stately homes etc, removing all trace of local culture and establishing a "Cultural Centre" (a sort of "reservation") with offices for our controllers, from where they can continue their asset stripping and culturecide.

People of Singapore: Did you know that you should be able to gain residency in London by investing in one of these properties. (Check with your lawyer to be sure.) Think how handy that might be to avail yourself of the free NHS, schools etc available to local residents. But, again, don't worry: you never need see any local residents. We are in the historic process of expropriating and relocating them to the outer wilderness.

People who live in Singapore at present: "How can it be done, what is the catch," you may ask. Never fear, there is an endless supply of funding secured from the local populace and almost inexhaustible wealth of resources at our disposal. If you don't succeed in acquiring one of the choice properties in "The Library", Willesden Green, subscribe to our newsletter for announcements of other new developments. For example, we are building flats for you right beside Willesden Green station, on the site of the famous old Queensbury, formerly "The Green" (note, would make a good name for the flats) pub restaurant/beer garden. Yes, we're demolishing that as well. What a laugh! Do you have anything like this in Singapore? No.


If some or all that doesn't make your blood boil, ask your doctor to test you for anaemia.

They wanted to demolish the locally listed Victorian library too.

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