Saturday, July 06, 2013

Hoardings around the library centre

Willesden's loss is Singapore's gain.
Singapore: For Sale - The Library at Willesden Green

  • No key worker/affordable housing
  • Gated development
  • Ideal opportunity for investment. Hey, become a London landlord, gain residency. With residency, pop over any time to use the NHS. 
  • Compliant local government.
  • 'Nuff said.
Being demolished: Willesden Library Centre including the two storey library, Brent Museum, Willesden Bookshop, Café Gigi, Bellevue Cinema, Studios 1 and 2, including theatre lighting, The Gallery, The One-Stop Shop, venues for many local societies, classes and local markets in the concourse. In two years, expect to see, council offices above the same facilities, no space in front and no car park behind, four blocks of four or five storey flats in a gated subdivision with an underground car park for overseas investors. Meanwhile the Willesden library is split into two temporary locations nearby, one in Grange Road and one a couple of blocks away in Willesden High Road. There was a temporary stint for community groups for a few weeks in Electric House, Willesden Lane, including Brent Artists but that has now been shut down.

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