Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Brent council neglecting Roundwood Park

Flowerbeds July 2011

Flowerbed recently, June 2013

More: Is Brent council neglecting Roundwood Park?, including more pictures taken recently and comparative pictures from 2012. This is all part of the continuing culturecide, preparatory to further expropriations, confiscations and transporting the poor for resettlement / internal exile. All organised and marshalled by the traitorous "New Labour" collaborators, acting as camp guards for the Tory LibDem kleptocracy, pillaging the land to replenish all monies lost by the rich in the great banking con.

Could this be another example of ruthlessly letting a local facility fall into dereliction, prior to some cosy deal to sell off neighbourhood assets to very, very, friendly business partners? They ran down the library centre with brutal and despicable forethought by thrashing the cinema, the cafe bar, and the car park, all before (hey presto!) selling out local people to Galliford Try, for the benefit of people living in Singapore (Willesden's Loss is Singapore's Gain). All the signs are that they have something similar in mind for your parks. Once again: CUI BONO?

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