Monday, July 29, 2013

Where's the poetry?

Opening times for the Willesden children's library
I went into the half of the library that's been plonked in The Lewinson Centre on the High Road. The other "half" is at George Furniss House, Grange Road. I asked the man, down behind the desk, where the poetry books were. He suggested looking in the other half of the library at George Furniss House. I told him I'd been there and they have no poetry. The man said, "We only have children's books here." I said, "Oh, is this the children's library?" "Yes." "Okay," I said. "By the way, children should have poetry too!"


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Ossian said...

I wonder how much they are paying for the space in George Furniss House and the Lewinson Centre while the library centre is being demolished and rebuilt? If it is not costed into the project then we are subsidising Galliford Try. Well, we knew that anyway. Investment opportunities for people in Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, any Mickey Mouse place in the world. At your expense.