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Thursday, July 18, 2013

"The heart of Willesden Green"

They have painted the hoarding around the library centre.

The library centre is being demolished.

By the way, I think it's Willesden, not "Willesden Green", which is down by the station of that name, to be more precise. They were two separate hamlets. Willesden was also the name of quite a large London borough before it was merged with Wembley to create the horror that is the present London Borough of Brent.  However, nobody cares, as the word Green will probably help to sell new flats overseas, making a killing for the developers at our expense.

They are now in the process of demolishing the excellent pub restaurant and beer garden, now known as The Queensbury, formerly The Green (which is in Willesden Green), for another block of flats, ten storeys high, which will be in a place with nothing left of any value anymore to recommend it, except to overseas investors. None of the people in charge seems to give a damn about what is left for future generations. They are too busy looting and pillaging what was left to us by previous generations.

More: Singapore: "For Sale - the Library at Willesden Green"

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