Saturday, July 10, 2004


I've just read the report about the large scale destruction of agricultural land [in Palestine. Ed.], unjustifiable demolition of thousands of homes and discriminatory licensing system, in the latest Amnesty magazine. Houses are often blown-up in the middle of the night, with occupants only given minutes to evacuate the building with their children, no time even to collect their belongings. ETC ETC

It occurs to me that we have expected far too much of the Israeli government. We have expected them to be more humane because of their experience of how foul and murderous governments can be. Instead we should have realised that they are no different than anybody else, no different than the Nazis were. We should only expect from the Israeli government what anyone would have expected from the Nazi government. Nothing.

Furthermore they are trading on the Holocaust. They have harnessed it like a river to hydro-electric generator, and they will not stop till they have extracted all the violent energy from it and expended it on their neighbours, and destroyed all around them. In effect what we are seeing is a slow tantrum, of colossal proportions, a slow-motion re-enactment with hidden pleasure of everything that was done against them.

Where are the United Nations now? Why invade Iraq but do nothing with Israel. Why can nobody stop the annexation and destruction of land. This is a lawless world.

They are allowed to stockpile hundreds of nuclear weapons, probably trained at population centres around the Middle East, with impunity. If some other country tries to acquire a microgram of something radioactive, the entire world jumps on them and kicks the hell out of them.

There is no truth in the Roadmap / The Peace Process - it's all crap. Israel is out to annexe as much land as they can, and they won't stop till they are forced to. They don't give a damn about Arabs, whom they treat as subhuman, or without rights.

The US is simply continuing where it started at home with its native Americans, happy to see the disappropriation of indigenous peoples in order to install their friends and clients instead.

As for the UK government, its position is beneath contempt. It has no position. They should all be kicked out at the next possible election, even if it means a Conservative government. Labour needs punishing, and it's worth suffering under the lousy Conservative spivs for four or five years, just to tell Blair clearly what we think about his treachery. If you're going to have a Conservative government, have a genuine one, not a hypocritical, mealy-mouthed, secret one.

E. L. Voynich

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