Monday, July 26, 2004

DeadDrunkDublin Festival plans "to stir literary roots!"

Performances include "Meet the Beats in Dublin"
— the journey from Joyce to Kerouac

"The 1st Dead Drunk Dublin Festival, a gathering of writers, poets, performers and musicians from America, Germany, Canada, England, Wales and Ireland will take place on Wednesday August 4th at Mother Red Caps, near Christchurch in Dublin. An irreverent, informal, eclectic mix of music, words, chant and performance, the event will run from 6.30pm until the wee hours." (More)

I am looking forward to covering this event for the International Willesden Herald. I will be packing a complete new set of crayons, and I will buy a colouring book locally when I get there.

Dr Noël Knowall

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