Monday, July 12, 2004

Blair quits, Brown to lead Lib-Lab government

In his resignation statement, Tony Blair today admitted that he had "failed to convince the public that he was always right." Gordon Brown declared that he was very happy to work with Charles Kennedy, and that the objectives of Labour and the Liberal Democrats were not very different. Labour's failure to gain an overall majority has led to the revival of the infamous Lib-Lab pact.


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Good stuff chaps. I'll see if I can sort out a reciprocal link when I can speak a bit more HTML.

Love the railings stuff. Down my way, we're working on this:

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Ah Pimlico - the scene for some parts of a certain book advertised in these pages. It's almost within the sound of Westminster division bells. Where the Tach meanders between it's [mossy, fair] concretey, underground banks.

There was something on TV last night about the motorway driven through Glasgow, and how they were about to put one down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh too, only protestors stopped them.

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Yes, it's remarkable how some "planners" can be so utterly shortsighted. I grew up in Oxford, and for a while there was a brilliant scheme to put a dual-carriageway bypass through Christ Church Meadows.

Here's a pic of what they would have destroyed:

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