Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Willesden street wildflowers, this evening

Oxeye Daisies. St Andrew's church, Willesden High Road

Perennial Cornflower*. St. Andrew's church

Oxeye Daisies. St. Andrew's church

Forget-me-nots. St Andrew's church

Forget-me-nots in context

Common Ragworth? St. Andrew's church

Yellow Corydalis*. Maybury Gardens

Maybury Gardens

Maybury Gardens is Yellow Corydalis land.

Unknown. Maybury Gardens

Serbian Bellflower*. Harlesden Road

Serbian Bellflower*. Harlesden Road

Violets. Harlesden Road

Common Ragworth? (Yellow).
Serbian Bellflower? (Mauve). Harlesden Road

* Thanks to Alison Hopkins for identifying some of the mystery flowers. Ed.

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