Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wildflowers update

I can see that this will need regular updates as the scene changes very much from day to day. Here are a few new snaps from today, Tuesday May 29th. I'm not happy with the picture quality, so I might try my trusty old Minolta next time.

Unknown. This is from beside the path in to sports centre.
The one in the picture is quite a big example but this prickly
thing is everywhere around in the grass around the meadow.
There are warty prickles on the leaves. Not nice for dogs' paws.

Meadow Vetchling? Lots of these yellow flowers today in the meadow.

New mauve flowers out today in the meadow.
Do they belong to that plant with the rather elegant fronds?

Another view of the mauve flowers
together with the pretty yellow flowers and some red clover.

This is an attempt to zoom across to where
what appear to be purple thistle flowers have appeared.

Wild Geum* Solitary yellow flower.
A couple of these appeared in the back garden today (May 29).
Also see: Later (August) with burrs like sea mines
I wonder what those cute rounded leaves belong to?

* Suggested by A. Sherlock

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