Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Farewell to Storyville?

Billie Holiday w/ Louis Armstrong. (New Orleans, Arthur Lubin, 1947)

Sources close to Red Woodward have indicated that there will be no more Willesden Herald short story competitions, though Herald editor Feargal Mooney has stated that this is not the case. "I just don't know what to think," said Steve Moran who was chair of the judging panel in the recent unpleasantness, "It's all sort of co[mpet]itus interruptus, isn't it?"

Meanwhile keep on rockin' in the free world. (Bartell Darcy)

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Gloria Mundie (Mrs) said...

That would be a shame and what's more would leave the Childs Hill and Golders Green Bugle's 'Write a Poem for Christmas and/or Hanukkah' as North West London's premier writing competition (prize: choose from a Yule Log candle** or Hanukkiyah**). Has Mr Woodward thought of that?

(** If you win you don't have to be Jewish to choose the Hannukiyah, by the way.)

Muzzy Pirbhai said...

If the Brent Cross Bugle took it over (Red?) we'd probably ask somebody like that young Mr Delgado if he'd select a winner from a short list. He seems to have nothing else to do lately only make pop records.

Dr Gerald Francis (ret'd) said...

If I may interject, Red (and Mr Pirbhai), I'm not sure Mr D would be able to sit long enough to read. I'm seeing him privately for a problem that seems to have been occasioned by an inadequate intake, over many years, of dietary roughage, and at the moment when he is sedentary it is for short periods only, on an inflated rubber ring.

I do regret to say though that he insists on "playing" that dreadful instrument with keys that you blow into (God save us!) even when on his front being examined. Pop, unlikely; music, certainly not).

I suppose one can read standing up though.

Gerald Francis (Dr. ret'd)
A Light in Dark Passages : A Life in Proctology
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Mona Bone Jakon (psychotherapist) said...

Yes, Red - and Muzzy, (hello! - how's that worked out with your missus? don't forget, no means no) - I'm afraid I am also seeing Mr D, though I couldn't possibly comment on the erectile matter for which my hypnotherapy is required. I can confirm that the therapy is working, if anything rather too well, so I also feel that Mr D would be hard pressed to concentrate on reading. Hmm, that's given me an idea. A course of hypnotism for concentration deficit? Leave it with me.

A reader (Name and address withheld by request) said...

Mrs Jessica Dry
Sidmouth Hill
Willesden NW10

Dear Ms Bone Jakon,

I think it would be splendid if the Herald carried a feature on concentration deficit. I find lately that I