Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Disappearing London: Oriental City

"Chinatown in Soho is all very well, but there's a far more genuine East Asian dining experience a few miles up the A5 in deepest Colindale. It's called Oriental City, and it's an unexpected eastern treasure. Alas, it's also doomed. This Sunday evening, at 7pm precisely, the dim sum will stop, the diners will be ejected and the doors will be permanently locked. And all because what this part of London really needs, apparently, is eight blocks of flats, a health and fitness studio and a B&Q. It's a damned shame." (Continues)

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nordy sik faan said...

a damned shame. many good memories of what we still think of as yaohan plaza. it was a wonderful find on first moving to NW London, always a good atmosphere there.

Jag has a nice memento here..