Sunday, May 04, 2008

Continuously variable tax rate suggestion

Brown fiddles while home burns

There is no salvaging anything from the 10p tax rate abolition disaster short of reintroducing the 10p tax rate. This is now Labour's Poll Tax equivalent - a tax change that is completely unjust. If they want to recover, they can either say ok we made a mistake and restore it, or they can take another step and go for a continuously variable rate, from 0 to 49%. Have they no insight, no analysis, no initiative? Do something right, you dozy shower.

You might as well incorporate the council tax into it as well, because the Tories may move to abolish that as their checkmate move before the next election. The calculations needed to incorporate local tax into income tax are simple enough for any schoolchild to work out, and shouldn't necessitate any additional bureaucracy. It's just another item on the income tax form.


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