Saturday, November 11, 2006

Searchers in vain

  • The International Willesden Herald
    "Never knowingly scooped"

  • If you don't see it here, it didn't happen

They zizz like mosquitoes, darting this way and that, completely lost: the searchers. Oh the frustration they suffer till they land here and find out at last all about:

"Is it legal to own a wolf dog in Maryland?"
"Massage parlours in Cricklewood"
"Munchkin proxy syndrome"
"Blow-up Hitler dolls for Allo Allo"
"Women for sale on eBay"

Check back for updates. See also Greatest Hits (about image searches*).

Simon Moribund

* Please note, this is not a free photo agency. £300 per online use (renewable annually), discount for bulk. Print editions by negotiation. Enquiries: Julia Bumwilley, Intellectual Property, Crapstone Scrotum Bumwilley Haversack. Ed

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Ed said...

Before you ask, sadly, old Mr Scrotum is no longer with us, so the practice decided by agreement with his son, to shorten its name by one Scrotum.